Website Design

GraphicVisions is a NJ Website Design and marketing communications company

We offer the keen graphic design sense and experienced technical knowledge necessary to create “human-factored” sites that are simple to use and and easy to understand. Layouts are thoughtfully designed to facilitate maximum accessibility, easy navigation, uncluttered viewing, and optimum download speed. To fulfill your key objectives, design proposals that feature the navigation, layout and graphic/visual treatment of your website will be submitted for your review and refined as a collaborative process.

Steps In Website Development

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    Register a domain name

    A Domain Name is the address of your website business that people use to search for you. GraphicVisions can help you with a choice of appropriate names, as well as register it for you. You will need to have alternate choices in case your top choice is not available – a domain name must be unique and can only be used by one company.

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    Define Your Audience

    Are you looking for ecommerce, a corporate site or a fan portal? Who is your audience? What are you trying to say to tell them? Why should they care? GraphicVisions will develop a site based on your individual needs.

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    Define Your Needs

    Do you need a product or portrait photographer? A newsletter or a blog? Business cards and collateral material? A trade show booth sign? GraphicVisions can assist with all of your marketing, photography and graphic design needs.

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    Develop Your Website

    With these tools in hand, GraphicVisions can be your partner to design and develop your website for the best results.

Adding eCommerce to Websites

Need to create a new website to increase your business by convincing new or existing customers to order over the Internet? eCommerce helps businesses establish and maintain an industry leadership position and keep pace with the latest technology.


We work with you to:
  • Evaluate your website in relation to your competitors’ and those of industry leaders.
  • Allow customers to register with your online store, making it easy for them to make additional orders with minimal effort.
  • Simplify the means by which website visitors can contact you.
  • Provide new ways you can contact customers with special offers, discounts, product announcements, and more.
  • Register a new domain name for your online business.
  • Handle domain hosting arrangements, email and other technical requirements so that you’re free to handle new online business orders.

What’s Under The Hood

  • 01. Browser Compatible

    browser-logos-groupAt GraphicVisions, we ensure that your website will be compatible on all browsers and platforms

    • Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

    • Android, iOS, WindowsOS, MacOS

    • Desktop, tablet or smartphone

  • 02. Search Engine Optimized

    SEO is a crucial element for your site to be ranked higher on the search results page

    • Google, Bing, Yahoo

    • AOL, Ask, Excite

    • etc. etc. etc.

  • 03. Multi-platform

    All GraphicVisions websites are 100% Responsive. Your viewers will easily be able to view your website and products on any platform, be it a desktop, phone or tablet.

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