GraphicVisions Design Team

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    Years in Business

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— Primary Team —

  • stancohen

    Stan Cohen

    — Digital Media Director
    • Chief WysiWyg
    • Technocrati Member
    • Geeky Guy

    An industry pioneer, Stan began his professional life prospecting pixels in computer graphics imagery for TV broadcast graphics, commercials and illustrations. He then designed and developed user-interfaces for software applications and multimedia CD-ROMs.


    Early on, Stan capitalized on that experience and immersed himself in website design and development. His expertise and experience in online design layout, functionality, usability, brand-sense, and search engine savvy deliver spot-on results time after time.

    Stan currently serves on the Board of Directors of NJ Creatives Network in the position of Vice President and Online Media Director. He has volunteered his professional services to the group for 20 years.

  • stuartcohen

    Stuart Cohen

    — Creative Director
    • Design Connoisseur
    • Print Wizard
    • Font Master

    Stuart is a brand and communications consultant with extensive skills and knowledge in branding, marketing, strategy, creative direction, copy and design. He is well experienced in managing client relationships and is adept at motivating and ..


    directing creative and production teams, large and small. Project after project, Stuart demonstrates an unwavering personal commitment to quality, detail, consistency and value.

  • lizkassler

    Liz Kassler

    — Designer, Illustrator
    • WordPress Sorceress
    • Research Queen
    • Geeky Girl

    An accomplished illustrator, Liz works within a wide range of styles and media. She also is experienced in the setup and structuring of content management and e-commerce systems, is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and a variety of other magical ..


    applications, and zealously tackles any other challenges that come her way.

    Liz also currently serves on the Board of Directors of NJ Creatives Network in the position of Treasurer. She has also volunteered her professional services to the group for 10 years, and continues to support her creative colleagues in the Metro New York area.

— Our Awesome Skills —

  • Responsive Web Design

    Branding and Logos
    Graphic Design

    Social Media Marketing

  • WordPress



— Network Resources

GraphicVisions regularly works with a diverse network of experts, selecting the best people for each client project. All work is performed in the United States, no off-shore outsourcing. This talent base includes the Metro New York area’s finest:

  • Graphic Designers

  • Copywriters

  • Illustrators

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Voice Talent

…and more!

— A Fresh Approach —

It is not always beneficial to have a “been there, done that, do it again” perspective.

GraphicVisions diverse roster of clients and industries allows us to keep an open mind, take a fresh approach, keep an individual focus so that we can view a new business without the prejudice of pre-conceived notions or a cookie-cutter mentality.

  • Consumer Services


    Interior Design & Home Staging

    Maintenance Services

    Pet Services

  • Business Services

    Architects & Builders

    Graphic Design Firms

    Investment Bankers


  • Other Services


    Medical Publishers

    Non-profit Organizations


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