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“What can you do for me and my business?”

GraphicVisions is a NJ Website Design and Marketing Communications company providing the insight, direction, and technical expertise to help you make informed decisions. We offer a full range of personalized Creative Services to develop your brand image, create corporate identity in print and online, and develop a powerful brand in all of your communications media. With your branded website you can promote your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a consistent image. And… it’s your website, you GET TO KEEP IT! No website hijacking here!

— Branding, Corporate Identity and Logos —


In the mind of your audience your Branding, Corporate Identity and Logos are the image of your business that enables you to stand out. It is your business’s unique personality and qualities. You need your brand to have a strong presence in a crowded marketplace.

  • The Brand Idea

    At GraphicVisions, we create a brand around a Brand Idea, because without one, a brand is no more than just a name.

    With the help of our Brand Audit and S.W.O.T. Session, we discover the Brand Idea and what its communicative ingredients should be.

    This is how we help you fight brand commoditization—by defining, differentiating, and dramatizing the unique value of your brand through a powerful Brand Message.

  • The Logo

    A Logo is the centerpiece of your Corporate Identity Design – the graphic that people recognize your company and brand by. The identifier. And how the Logo is used along with other graphic elements in your company’s communications makes up your identity system and is an important part of your Brand Image. The design of the Logo, and the impression it makes is an expression of your brand.

  • The Tag Line

    The Logo often has an accompanying Tag Line or Slogan that is a brand expression of your company. This often comes from the Brand Idea and expresses what is unique about your business, its vision, and its potential importance to your viewer. A catchy slogan can make or break a product and help keep it in the forefront of the mind of your audience.

— Graphic Design —


Graphic Design is how your identity, communication materials, website look and brand elements get created.

Services include:

  • logo design

    newsletters copywriting

    annual reports, brochures and sell sheets

    direct mail, email campaigns

  • stationary systems

    social media advertising

    trade show booths

    other vertical marketing and collateral materials

— Web Marketing —


GraphicVisions offers a range of Web Marketing to fit your needs and budget

  • Social Marketing


    Your social media advertising should have a consistent look with your website to unify your message.  However, social media has the emphasis on “social”: it doesn’t have to be “all business,” it’s important to be human. Like posts as often as possible. It keeps your name in front without being annoying. Besides, everybody likes to be Liked.

  •  Email Marketing



    Whether you use MailChimp or Constant Contact, we can prepare your newsletters and marketing emails to suit your individual business style, with your logo and content.


  • Remarketing


    Remarketing includes:

    • Dynamic ads

    • Enter/exit apps

    • Popups (the safe kind)

    They have all proven to reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment by giving shoppers and potential clients a reason to come back and purchase from you instead of the other guy.

  • CPC Product Ads and Listings

    When shoppers are on Third-Party shopping websites, they are already in a buying frame of mind. This is the perfect time for them to find you via CPC (Cost-Per-Click) Product Ads and Product Listing, whether as a first-time buyers or returning shoppers. These ads are charged on a Cost-Per-Click basis, where you set your own bid limits.

    Then we can view the results of your traffic and conversions via the Google Analytics tool.


— Other Creative Services


GraphicVisions regularly works with a diverse network of experts, selecting the best people for each client project. All work is performed in the United States, no off-shore outsourcing. This talent base includes the Metro New York area’s finest:

  • Copywriters

  • Illustrators

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Voice Talent

  • …and more!

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