3 Reasons to Maintain Your Website


The 3 Biggest Reasons To Have Your WordPress Site Professionally Maintained

Your site is working fine… until it’s not. You’re thinking: “my WordPress-based website just updated to version X.X.X – automatically so it is maintained. I received an email saying it’s been updated – so, I’m good, right?”

Well, you have a few third-party plugins that have been working just fine over the last few weeks, months… or maybe longer. There hasn’t been a problem. And, it’s only a “small incremental update” to WordPress. But, what if, as in most cases, the other plugins do not auto-update? If you have multiple players (plugin authors) in the sandbox with their own set of tools and toys, they may not all play nice together, or at the same level of compatibility, and one may just out-muscle the other. Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and Legos just won’t connect together – not without maintaining their adapters.

So, do you:
•    Periodically review and test your site, especially after an update?
•    Do you review most of the pages, test the contact form, the account registration form?
•    If your running eCommerce site, do a run-through of the Cart and Checkout?
•    Make sure the SEO tags loaded properly?

“Ok, I’ll look later. After all, WordPress says, ‘Code is Poetry’, so what’s to worry?” And after all, you’ve got so many other priorities needing attention that exert significant gravitational force, you get pulled and plugged in elsewhere. This “Poetry” can also be an infuriating, aggravating jumble that the authors hope will work together with all of the “stuff” you have plugged into your website.

•    The #1 reason to have a maintenance plan – it actually doesn’t take much for something to go wrong, and unless you’re watching and testing your site often, you’re not going to know about it. Without a maintenance plan it can cost you visibility, causing an increase in your “bounce rate.” (This means exactly what it sounds like.)
•    The #2 reason – credibility, the perception of “How good can they be if their own site is busted?”
•    The #3 reason – it can cost you sales, “How can I call them if I can’t get to their contact info?”

There are more reasons, but how many do you really need?

Do you have a story you’d like to share of why it’s so important to have a maintenance plan for your business website? Let us know.

Stan Cohen is the Digital Design Director of GraphicVisions, a company that cares about your business. We have been supporting businesses’ Internet presence for more than twenty years.